Aiming high.Shoulder to shoulder.

We partner with entrepreneurs and owners who want to grow. And even though our financial track-record stands out, the most important ingredient in our magic recipe is that it isn’t ’us and them’ – we do it together.

About us.

Procuritas is a Swedish Private Equity fund that focuses on Nordic companies in the mid-market segment. For 30-plus years we have been building close partnerships with entrepreneurs and founders, helping them grow their companies at a pace that often far surpasses their expectations.

We are very picky about who we partner with. And we think our potential partners should be picky, too. Choosing to let someone invest in one’s company is like choosing someone to help raise your baby. We get that. That is why we take great pride in getting to know each other and making sure that everyone involved is clear on the way forward, long before the final handshake. That is how we can help grow ideas.

What makes Procuritas a good partner for the companies we invest in may seem shockingly simple when written down: know the sectors we invest in, plan beforehand, build to grow, and execute with excellence. Together.


Procuritas has led, co-led, or advised more than 45 buyouts in the Nordic region with a combined consideration of more than SEK 12 billion.

Fund VIPCI VI2017 – present318 MEURActive
Fund VPCI V2012 – present210 MEURFully invested
Fund IVPCI IV2008 – present139 MEURFully invested
Fund IIIPCI III2003 – 2013227 MEURRealised
Fund IIPCP II1998 – 2007963 MSEKRealised
Fund IPMIC1990 – 2004240 MSEKRealised


We have been pioneers from the start. Founded in 1986 by the entrepreneur Mikael Ahlström, who invested his own money, we became the first PE firm in the Nordics. There have since been many such milestones: Procuritas conducted the first public-to-private MBOs in Sweden and Denmark, and managed the first public listing of a Nordic small-cap, private-equity, high-yield bond.

While age is just a number, we are proud of our long heritage. And the experience it has given us is more than the sum of our years. So far, we have supported more than 45 companies in accelerating their growth and realizing their true business potential. And we are still entrepreneurs at heart. We believe in being the best allies possible in the quest to build strong and sustainable businesses.


The investors in our funds include pension funds, insurance companies, banks, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and other long-term accredited investors. Their money is put to work by our Fund Manager, a Swedish limited liability company, that decides which companies Procuritas should partner with and invest in. The Fund Manager is registered with the Swedish SFSA, or Finansinspektionen in Swedish. All companies are held within a separate Swedish limited company, the Private Equity Fund.

Latest news.


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