Procuritas is a private equity house focusing on the Nordic mid-market segment. With a passion for business, hands-on industrial experience and a close to thirty years record from a large variety of transactions, we have supported more than 45 companies in accelerating their growth and realizing their true business potential. As owners, we are characterized by our enthusiasm, commitment and strong belief that we are allies in the quest to build strong and sustainable businesses.


Our approach is active ownership

Taking any company to the next level requires passion, commitment and a close partnership between all parties. Procuritas believes in actively supporting the management from the beginning to the end of an investment.

What we look for

At Procuritas, we look for hungry entrepreneurs and motivated managers that are ready to explore their company’s full business potential.


Procuritas has led, or co-led or advised over 45 buyouts in the Nordic region with a combined consideration over SEK 12 billion.

Fund Name Period Size Status
Fund VI PCI VI 2017 - present 318 MEUR Active
Fund V PCI V 2012 - present 210 MEUR Fully invested
Fund IV PCI IV 2008 - present 139 MEUR Fully invested
Fund III PCI III 2003 - 2013 227 MEUR Realised
Fund II PCP II 1998 - 2007 963 MSEK Realised
Fund I PMIC 1990 - 2004 240 MSEK Realised

Fund structure VI


Invest in the Private Equity Fund.
Typically pension funds, insurance companies, banks, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and similar long term professional investors.

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Private Equity
Fund Manager
(Swedish company limited)

Sources deals and invests in the Private Equity Fund.
Manages the Private Equity Fund including decisions on investments, exits and other actions.
Registered with the Swedish SFSA
(Sw. Finansinspektionen)

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Private Equity Fund
(Swedish company limited)

Holds the investments in the companies and separates Investors from management and liability of the portfolio investments. Is managed by the Fund Manager.

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Company A
Company B
Company C


The Procuritas funds incorporate a holistic approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. This reduces risks and increases the long-term quality and value in the portfolio companies. Additionally, it meets the expectations of investors, portfolio managers and other stakeholders.