Ready. Set. Grow.

We partner with entrepreneurs and owners who want to grow. Together, we set high ambitions. Our common goal is for your company to be the market leader in your niche.

Our approach.

We never acquire anything without a clear plan for how to create growth. We carefully think through all investments and always make certain that everyone from the owners to the management team is clear on the way forward – usually long before the final handshake.

Our ambition is to create and strengthen strong market leaders. That requires long-term sustainability and forward looking ESG thinking. We constantly look for entrepreneurs and companies with niche characteristics and a unique competitive edge – companies with strong growth prospects or unrealized potential.

There are many ways for us to partner up – we know that one size does not fit all. We can acquire a whole business or a part of it. Sometimes ambitious management teams would like to have a stake in the business they are working for. Whatever form the partnership takes, we promise to be more than just a source of capital. For us, this is not just a numbers game – it is about curiosity, creativity and challenging the norm.

The growth journey

Our job is to help our companies grow, with the ambition of achieving market leadership. We make sure that our partners have what they need to make that happen: capital, experience, and a lot of expertise to use as sounding boards. We can help find new talent to enhance the management team, make connections to help companies break into new markets and find other add-ons to help them become number one. Our ESG policy lives throughout the whole process, starting in the pre-investment phase, through ownership and exit. With all the experience throughout our 30+ years, we have the playbook companies need.

One thing that separates us from the crowd is that we invest early in important infrastructure to help our companies grow. You cannot take a company to the next level if your focus is on minimizing expenditures. By building a rock-solid foundation, we enable the business to grow for many years to come. We also leverage digitalization to catapult companies to a new level. We believe in building companies that can scale faster.

Investment thesis

Each investment begins with a hypothesis on key market trends, company positioning, and initiatives to create shareholder value. In other words, we identify what makes the company’s prospects exciting. With input from management and the Procuritas advisory team, we formulate a high-level plan.

Value creation plan

We believe in clear, measurable goals and full alignment with company management. The value creation plan is detailed during the first six months and defines the vision and our joint strategy for how to achieve it.

Execution & development

Solid execution is needed to make any plan a reality. The focus for the next few years is therefore on implementation. The work is driven by management while Procuritas acts as a sounding board and provides support on a regular basis.

Strategic review

A strategic review is conducted every two to three years to calibrate the course of the company. As the plan becomes a reality, we will help the management team to find a new partner that can support the company on the next step in its journey. This often takes place after five years of partnership.