Nature Planet

Making a difference

After fourteen years of consistent growth, the founders of Nature Planet were ready to expand to new markets. But they needed a strong and strategic partner that could help them take the next step without changing the company’s core value of making a difference.

Nature Planet is one of the world’s leading designers and distributors of quality products, toys and gifts for zoos, aquariums, museums and family parks. The company was founded in 2005 by Anne Dorthe Hjort and Michael Severin. In 2019, they partnered with Procuritas.

“We choose Procuritas as a partner because they believed in and shared our values and the company’s focus. They understood the business and the story of who we are,” says founder Anne Dorthe Hjort. “For me personally, that meant that I could dedicate my time to the area I am most passionate about, and what I do best – developing our products with a focus on responsibility.”

”A product that will last as long as the memory of your visit.”

“We started Nature Planet because we saw a gap in the attraction market. As a parent, when you go to the zoo with your child, buying that stuffed animal is a part of the whole experience: a memory. We want our customers to be able to help end consumers choose a great quality product – a product that will last as long as the memory of their visit.”

Nature Planet’s ambition is to make a difference for children in developing countries and for endangered species. The company donates a percentage of the revenue of selected products to PLAN International, Save the Orangutan and Red Panda Network in Nepal. The company is also constantly developing the quality of its products from a responsibility perspective, with everything from Oeko-tex certified materials to products made from recycled bottles.

“Responsible business ethics is about so many different things,” says Anne Dorthe Hjort. “It’s everything around the business: the social side of it, the workers’ conditions, and supporting locally, among other things. Responsibility is in Nature Planet’s DNA, and we need to do everything we can as a company, all the time,”

Anne Dorthe Hjort, founder of Nature Planet

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