Making environmental thinking profitable

Fidelix is a provider of building management systems and other building automation products. Their optimization systems are not only economically good for buildings, but an important step in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“Procuritas identified the sustainability trend before most. Today, almost a third of European CO2 emissions come from real estate, so our product can make a real difference,” says Tero Kosunen, CEO and President of Fidelix.

“Our purpose is to create a healthier future through smarter buildings. And it’s not only about emissions. Our systems also make the climate better inside buildings, where we spend most of our time.”

Fidelix helps Nordic building owners to monitor and control technical systems like ventilation, heating and plumbing, and optimize their energy consumption. Over 10,000 buildings are already using solutions from Fidelix. Since inception, the company has generated annual double-digit growth due to their highly reliable and industry-leading product and service offering.

“Several things stand out about Procuritas,” says Kosunen. They are extremely competent and fun to work with. In addition, while many say that their core competency is to develop companies, and I’m sure that’s true, Procuritas has always done what is best for Fidelix in the long run – even during the divestment process.”

Kosunen adds that the growth mindset at Procuritas was also extremely important. “Even though they naturally want to optimize earning in the short term, they will still stick to what is best for the company in the long term and with the strategy that will most increase the value of the company.“

”What we do has real impact, so if we can grow faster than the market, we can really make a difference.”

Procuritas owned Fidelix from 2014 to 2021.

Tero Kosunen, CEO and President of Fidelix

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