Creating magic together

It all started when a group of IT entrepreneurs had a conversation about joining forces to create something new. At the same time, at Procuritas we were scanning the market for new opportunities in the IT sector after a series of successful transformative growth journeys in the service industry.

Born in June 2021, Frendy is already the number one IT service provider for SMEs in Finland. The company is a nationwide player offering improved customer service through a local point of contact, while increasing quality and efficiency through its centralized operations.

“Together, Procuritas and the entrepreneurs prepared a clear plan for what Frendy could be. That was what tied us all to our common journey,” says Frendy’s CEO Mikko Peltonen.

“They shared the same vision. It was a perfect match.”

Thanks to a concrete business plan, which emerged from this team effort, the buy-in from all the companies was possible before the new company was established.

“That was a very important process. Now everyone has the same goals, and knows what to do and why we do it. This has made management much easier than one could expect in a company driven entirely by entrepreneurs,” Peltonen recalls.

“Working as a CEO can be quite lonely, but with Procuritas as a partner, I always have a sounding board. I can share my thoughts openly with them. They are always keeping an eye on the big picture, and the long-term plan, which is a great support when managing day-to-day business. The combination of their strategic mindset and hands-on support is well appreciated,” says Peltonen.

Mikko Peltonen, CEO of Frendy

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