Medtanken Group

Acquiring care with care

When two entrepreneur-driven care operations in western Sweden merged into one and started investing in future-proofing their business, they needed a serious, long-term partner.

“We had a long and thorough checklist when we started to look for a partner,” says Nick Johansson, CEO of Medtanken Group. “When you work in a tax-financed sector like we do, we must always do everything by the book and let rules and regulations be part of all decision making. Of course, this also applies to a new partner.”

As the lifespan of the average Swede continues to increase, it is affecting the standard of care required, and creating new opportunities. Major investments will be required in order to make primary care available to more people. One way to do that is to complement the physical interactions at health and rehab centers with online care and digital solutions. Procuritas was uniquely positioned to support Medtanken with this objective.

“Signing the deal was a rather long process. We had to merge two entrepreneurial companies into one, and bring Procuritas onboard at the same time. But once the contract was signed, we knew and trusted the Procuritas team and the long-term plan that we had formulated together. Procuritas also conducted a solid analysis of the market that has helped us moving forward,” says Johansson.

Once the merger was complete, the new group became the third largest private primary care provider in the Västra Götaland Region of Sweden. In addition to primary care, Medtanken offers rehab services, vaccinations, occupational healthcare, and youth psychiatry.

“Selling a company you have founded and run for many years is a tough process. But I have never regretted that we brought on Procuritas as a partner,” says Johansson.

Nick Johansson, CEO of Medtanken Group

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