Polarn O. Pyret

There’s no use like re-use

The partnership with the children’s clothing brand Polarn O. Pyret started with the common insight that sustainability needs to be integral to a modern retailer’s core business.

Polarn O. Pyret is a leading Swedish brand for baby and childrenswear that started with the goal of making clothes that let kids be kids. Durable clothes have been the cornerstone of Polarn O. Pyret since the brand was founded in 1976. The company’s motto is that each garment should be worn by at least three children. In other words, the quality of the clothing should be so high that every item can be passed down twice or more.

“For us, re-use is the most important aspect of sustainability,” says Johan Munck, the CEO of Polarn O. Pyret. “When we first met Procuritas, we noticed that they were very interested in ideas on sustainability, and they recognized that our idea was both important for the planet and good for business.”

“Sustainability is not only the right thing to do, it is necessary if we want to be relevant for our customers.”

After 45 years, Polarn O. Pyret can proudly call themselves a leading brand for high-quality kids’ clothing in the Nordics, and their products are sold in several markets around the world through their own stores, other retailers, and online.

“We are an omni-channel retailer with 50 percent of our sales online, and that number will grow in the future. State-of-the-art IT systems are therefore essential to almost everything we do. The goal is that the customer should be able to move seamlessly between the web and physical stores, and the brand should evoke the same feeling wherever customers interact with it,” Munck explains.

“Because Procuritas is very data driven, when they acquired Polarn O. Pyret in 2021, they quickly helped us invest in new IT infrastructure that will drive sales for a long time to come,” says Munck. ”I am genuinely impressed with their long-term investment horizon. We are building our brand to be as sustainable as our clothes.”

Johan Munck, CEO of Polarn O. Pyret

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