Dantherm Group

A leading provider of climate control products and solutions

The Dantherm Group provides climate control products and solutions. The Group have more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and energy efficient equipment for heating, cooling, drying and ventilation for a wide range of mobile and installed applications.

Our reason to partner up

  • Long-term underlying market growth drivers (extreme weather, increased demand for indoor climate control and energy efficiency)
  • Fragmented market, with several potential add-on acquisitions identified during due diligence
  • Many different opportunities to improve the business

What we add

  • Access to strong industrial advisors with a deep understanding of market dynamics and an ability to support management 
  • Ability to support business on long buy and build journey

Fund: PCI V
Year of acquisition: 2016
Number of employees: c. 550
Revenue 2020: 147.8 MEUR

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