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Heli Westermark

Executive Office Assistant

Heli has worked Procuritas since 1995 with seven years break in the early 2000s and re-joined Procuritas in 2007. She is an Executive Office Assistant at the Company and responsible for various business-related arrangements at the office.

Prior to joining Procuritas, Heli worked as a secretary for Finnish Industries, Wallenberg Institute and LIC Care. Before re-joining Procuritas she worked as Online Infomaster and Webmaster at Stora Enso.

Heli has a post-secondary graduation from Helsinki Secretarial College, and she has also participated in various courses within project management, www, graphical design, HR and Sharepoint.

Heli is married, has two daughters in their teens, and spends a lot of her spare time creating with her hands; clothes, furnitures, outdoor constructions, and training.