News. 08/01/18

Fidelix and Larmia Control team up to deliver market leading building automation products

Fidelix has acquired Larmia Control AB (“Larmia”) in Sollentuna, Sweden, from the founding family, Hans Bolöv and Stefan Bolöv. The investment is part of Fidelix strategy to become a market leader for energy efficient, user-friendly and open building automation systems in the Nordics.

Larmia is a Swedish technology company providing proprietary building automation and surveillance systems. Celebrating 50 years of experience, Larmia is renowned for its durable, and high-quality building automation solutions.

The acquisition of Larmia is a milestone for Fidelix in its mission to deliver the user-friendly, flexible and efficient building management systems for customers in the Nordics. The acquisition will contribute to strengthen the product offering, as well as to enable better service level and R&D capabilities for the Swedish market based on the joint expertise from both teams. Our goal is to continue development and upgrades of the product range in order to meet customer demands in best way possible.

Tomas Frändén, CEO at Fidelix Sverige says: “The acquisition of Larmia Control allows us to greatly strengthen our product and service offering towards our customers. We are excited about the opportunities that Larmia Control provides in terms of Swedish market presence and opportunity to improve the offering our partners and customers. We also look forward to welcoming the highly skilled Larmia Control team to our organization”.

Stefan Bolöv, CEO at Larmia comments: ”We at Larmia look forward to become a part of Fidelix group. The new setup is a natural next step for us – the companies complement each other well and share both culture and a dedication to deliver a superior indoor building climate. Moreover, the combination will strengthen our ability to develop new generation products”.

Johan Conradsson, board member and partner at Procuritas adds: “We are delighted over the fact that Larmia Control now will be a part of the Fidelix Group. This is in line with the target to strengthen Fidelix position in the Nordic market, and allows us to invest more in the product offering and R&D capabilities for the group as a whole”.

Larmia Control and Fidelix will continue to operate in the market as two independent brands, and will utilise each other’s strengths to as basis for further development of the product lines.

For further information, please contract:

Tomas Frändén, CEO, Fidelix Sverige AB
tel. +46 (0)76-767 99 59

Johan Conradsson, Procuritas Partners AB, as advisor to PCI V
tel. +46 (0)761 09 99 44

About Fidelix Holding Oy
Fidelix Holding Oy a Finnish company founded in 2002, which, with its subsidiaries Fidelix Oy and Fidelix Sverige AB, focuses on building management and security systems and products. Fidelix’s revenue has been growing double digit percentage steadily, being 25 M€ in fiscal year ending September 2017.

About Larmia Control AB
Larmia Control AB, founded 1968, in Sollentuna, is a building management systems company that develops web-based building automation and surveillance systems with sales of about 16 MSEK (1.6 M€) in 2017.

About Procuritas Capital Investors V LP (PCI V)
PCI V is a private equity fund focusing on mid-sized companies in the Nordic Region. PCI V is advised by Procuritas Partners AB and Procuritas Partners GmbH. Founded in 1986, Procuritas has been a pioneer in introducing management the buy-out concept in the Nordic region.

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