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The Dantherm Group is a leading provider of climate control products and solutions. The group companies have more than 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality and energy efficient equipment for heating, cooling, drying and ventilation for a wide range of mobile and installed applications. Every year Dantherm uses significant resources on product development to stay in the forefront and are constantly adapting the products to changing market demands and legislation.

The Dantherm Group has strong brands (Aerial, Calorex, Dantherm, Master) with well-established market positions in the mobile, pool, commercial/industrial and residential markets. Dantherm customers benefit from a comprehensive knowledge base and the experience and expertise from more than three million climate control products and solutions sold worldwide.

The Dantherm Group is headquartered in Skive, Denmark and has own companies in Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia and China.

Procuritas acquired Dantherm in January 2016, immediately followed by the acquisition of Calorex, a leading British manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps, dehumidifiers, commercial heat pumps, portable air conditioners and building dryers. In 2016 the Swiss company Schönmann was acquired and in February 2017, Master Climate Solutions, an Italian company with a focus on mobile heating, joined. In May 2017 the Danish company Water Surveillance, specialized in Intelligent Monitoring Systems, was acquired and in September 2017 the German company Aerial became part of the group, strengthening the market position in Germany and the competence within mobile dehumidification and water damage restoration. In April 2018 the French company Sovelor, the leading distributor of mobile heaters, dehumidifiers and coolers in France, joined strengthening the market position in France. In February 2019 Futurclima, an Italian company specialised in evaporative cooling, was acquired as part of the strategy to strengthen Dantherm’s position within cooling. In October 2019 the Spanish company Termigo, leading within evaporative cooling in Spain, became part of the Dantherm Group further strengthening the market position in Spain and within cooling products.


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