News. 12/05/23

New partnership between Procuritas and Proptech Sweden with subsidiaries Ömangruppen and Axcell Fastighetspartner

Procuritas Capital Investors VII (Procuritas) acquires Proptech Sweden AB with the subsidiaries Ömangruppen Svenska AB and Axcell Fastighetspartner AB, two leading companies in indoor climate, energy efficiency and property management. Today, real estate accounts for 40% of Sweden’s total energy consumption and upcoming EU regulations with requirements for reduced emissions make Proptech Sweden a key player in the climate transition.

Since the start in Växjö in 1994, the group has grown into a leading player in indoor climate, energy efficiency and other property-related services. Through 30 local offices and with over 300 employees, the company currently has operations throughout southern Sweden as well as Luleå and Örnsköldsvik. Proptech Sweden acts as a close partner to property owners who want to improve energy efficiency or optimize the operation of their property in other ways.

”We have had a fruitful dialogue with Procuritas for a long time and know that they are the right partner for our next step. Through our new partnership, we gain access to expertise, networks and extensive experience from other growth journeys. Together we have developed a strategic plan for our continued growth, and we are convinced that our partnership will take the company further,” comments Nina Bremer, CEO Proptech Sweden AB.

“As founder of the Öman Group and Axcell, I feel that we have come as far as we can on our own. Taking this new step together with Procuritas, with their deep knowledge of growth journeys, feels like a fantastic challenge and opportunity. There is great potential ahead for our company, including new acquisitions. Let’s do this!”, said Anders Öman, Founder and Chairman, Proptech Sweden AB.

Procuritas sees great opportunities for Proptech Sweden, not least because the energy efficiency of real estate is a key part of the continued climate transition. Properties account for 40% of Sweden’s energy consumption and the EU’s new taxonomy will place new demands on energy-saving measures. ”It is easy to be impressed by the rapid growth of the companies within Proptech Sweden, a growth we expect to continue with new EU requirements for combatting climate change and reducing energy use. The companies have a clear service DNA, which is reflected in strong and recurring customer relationships. Improved indoor climate and energy efficiency are clear trends in the real estate world and we look forward to our partnership and to further accelerate the journey ahead,” says Mattias Feiff, Co-Managing Partner at Procuritas.

For more information, please contact:

Mattias Feiff, Co-Managing Partner

Anders Andren, Head of Communications
+46 76 133 99 40

About Procuritas
Procuritas was founded in 1986 and has a market leading track record of investing in and growing successful companies in the Nordic region. Since its founding, Procuritas has completed more than 50 investments and hundreds of add-on acquisitions, resulting in attractive returns for its investors. The firm’s deep experience and operational expertise make it an ideal partner for businesses looking to take a transformational step in their growth journey.

About Proptech Sweden
Proptech Sweden is the parent company of Ömangruppen Svenska AB and Axcell Fastighetspartner AB, two value-driven and owner-run subsidiaries. The head office is in Växjö, Sweden, but the companies operate throughout southern Sweden as well as in Luleå and Örnsköldsvik. Customers consist of large and small property owners, as well as industrial, public and commercial real estate customers. The group has over 300 employees spread across four regions.

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