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At Procuritas, we have focused on the growing and developing Nordic companies since our inception in 1986. We have supported more than 40 entrepreneurs and businesses on their individual journeys and are looking forward to supporting many more.

We are an active investment partner, rather than a silent investor, and we support our management teams and entrepreneurs on their journey to execute a jointly developed, ambitious vision and strategy.

All companies and their situations are unique, but there are some common themes that many business owners, entrepreneurs and/or management teams face at some point in their journeys.

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Let us hear your story

If any of the situations above sound familiar or if you are in general thinking about taking on-board an external partner and want to find out more, then please reach out.

As with all partnerships, understanding the company and the people you are going to work with is of utmost importance. After an initial conversation, should you be interested in finding out more about us, we will be happy to supply references.

We are looking forward to hearing your story!

Monica Bergvall
Head of Origination