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Creating the market leader of smart buildings

The long-term perspective of its owners helps Fidelix reach its goal of making Nordic buildings smarter.

In 2014 Procuritas acquired majority ownership in Fidelix, a provider of building management systems and related building automation products. The company started in 2002 and advanced innovations and services for building owners have enabled the company to grow to become a market leader in Finland.

Fidelix aims to be a pioneer and encourage innovation by offering optimization services for energy and other resources. Working towards this, Tero Kosunen, CEO of Fidelix, values the long-term approach from the owners at Procuritas.

“As we have been owned for many years by the Procuritas fund, Fidelix is by the very nature closer to an exit than a more recent portfolio investment. But our matureness does not affect the perspective of the board’s investment decisions. The Procuritas team clearly have long-term thinking. And they truly act with this perspective. This is super important also from a company perspective and something my organization recognizes,” says Kosunen.

He has headed the company since August 2017, after having different leadership positions over many years at Enfo and Danfoss.

During Kosunen’s years at Fidelix, several company investments have been made. In 2018, Fidelix acquired Larmia Control AB, a Swedish technology company providing building automation and surveillance systems. And in 2019, EcoGuard AB, a market-leading Swedish provider of cloud-based software, sensor products and innovative solutions for residential building owners, joined the Fidelix Group. Also, in 2019, Fidelix acquired 40 percent of the shares of Lansen Systems AB, the leader in developing smart metering solutions technology.

“Similarly, like many of Procuritas’ investments, Fidelix is a growth case. We have had a good track record so far and with the potential to go further. The board has been supportive in following our growth plan and helping us succeed with our M&A activity.”

With the latest acquisitions, Fidelix Group now employs more than 300 people and with net sales of more than EUR 40 million.


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