News. 15/12/20

Procuritas partners up with Medpro and Omtanken

Procuritas Capital Investors VI (“Procuritas”) partners up with Medpro and Omtanken, to build a new player with a strong local footprint in the Swedish primary care market.

Two entrepreneur-owned primary care providers, Omtanken and Medpro, are merging to form a dynamic healthcare player. Medpro and Omtanken share a vision of delivering and enhancing the quality within the primary care market, and to develop digi-physical solutions which will increase accessibility and patient satisfaction. Procuritas partners with the newly formed group to facilitate accelerated development, multi-regional and digital expansion.

After the merger, the new group will become the third largest private primary care provider in the Västra Götaland Region with 14 clinics, c. 100,000 listed patients and a turnover above 500 MSEK.

“Omtanken and Medpro will jointly develop innovative solutions which assist the patients on their care pathway. In order to deliver integrated digi-physical care, further investments will be required, and I am delighted that Procuritas has chosen to become our partner on this journey. With their support, we will have unique opportunities to become a leading player within the Swedish healthcare market, while offering high quality care to our patients”, says Nick Johansson CEO Omtanken and incoming CEO for the new group.

”Our two companies are a great fit, and this has become even more apparent from our discussions. I view this merger as the natural next step in developing a patient focused Swedish healthcare opportunity. For all our patients, employees and suppliers, the day-to-day operations will continue as usual.”, says Hans Wittrup, CEO Medpro and future Chief Business Development Officer.

“Medpro and Omtanken are two well managed companies led by strong entrepreneurs within the Swedish primary care market. Together with the founders, Nick Johansson and Hans Wittrup, we will focus on further enhancing the quality of care, develop digital solutions, and invest in growth over the coming years. We are truly looking forward to our joint venture.” says Oskar Lindholm-Wu, Partner, Procuritas.

The transaction, which is subject to review by the Swedish competition authority and approval from the Västa Götaland Region, is expected to close in Q1.



Oskar Lindholm-Wu
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Hans Wittrup


Nick Johansson

About Omtanken

Omtanken is a primary care provider in the Västra Götaland Region in Sweden with a strong local presence in Gothenburg and Mölndal, it is one of the largest players in the area. Omtanken has eight clinics, strategically located in central Gothenburg, Frölunda and Mölndal. Apart from primary care, the firm has five rehab clinics, a travel vaccination clinic, as well as occupational healthcare services. In addition, Omtanken offers services within youth psychiatry in three locations. The company has c. 230 employees focused on delivering high-quality and easily accessible care to its patients.

About Medpro

Medpro Clinic Group is a privately held primary care provider in the Västra Götaland Region in Sweden. It has six primary care clinics, six rehab clinics, six vaccination centers, a dermatology clinic, a cardiology clinic and a drug rehabilitation clinic. The company focuses on innovative care, and its vision is to create a calm and stress-free environment promoting positive interaction with Medpro staff. This is reflected in newly renovated clinics, which are all designed by Medpro’s architect. The company has in total c. 250 employees working at clinics in Alingsås, Lilla Edet, Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Brålanda and Åmål.

About Procuritas

Procuritas Capital Investors VI (“PCI VI”) is a private equity fund focusing on mid-sized companies in the Nordic region. PCI VI launched in 2017, with 318 MEUR in committed capital. With a passion for business, extensive experience, and more than thirty years’ track record covering a large variety of transactions, Procuritas has supported more than 40 companies with the aim to accelerate their growth and realize their true business potential.

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