Having the guts to be brave

Prior to 2018, Ouriginal was a healthy business with strong growth prospects. Then they became a Procuritas company. The pace increased, and the company entered new markets.

The Ouriginal story began in a Swedish classroom during the late 90s, with an idea to deliver a fully automated system for verifying the originality of texts and preventing plagiarism. Today the company has more than 5,000 customers in nearly 80 countries around the globe.

”We actually produced a five-year plan, before any deal was signed. The plan focused on growth and international expansion. Thanks to Procuritas, we could be a bit braver. They encouraged us to open a US business despite all the risks involved,” says CEO Andreas Ohlson about the partnership with Procuritas.

“Our first six months together were incredibly intense. We decided on strategies and planned for the years ahead. We started by laying a strong foundation: hired the right people and put the CRM systems and IT platform in place. We worked on developing the product, both for existing and new customers. Then we built a sales organization that works globally. Then, finally, we made additional acquisitions.”

“And the five-year plan? We reached the base case in two and a half years. And since then, Procuritas has been a great sparring partner when we need to make bigger decisions. They know how to see between the details and help us focus on how to move forward,” concludes Ohlson.

Today, Ouriginal is the market leader in the Nordics and holds a diverse and growing global customer base. Ouriginal is based in Stockholm, with offices in Cologne and Saint Louis, and offers a subscription-based cloud solution that primarily targets academic institutions, secondary schools and corporations who seek an advanced digital tool to help assure originality.

“Growth is about more than financial reports and Excel sheets. The team from Procuritas really took the time to get to know our company and understand the business. I don’t think all owners do that.”

Andreas Ohlson, CEO of Ouriginal

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