Starting a business from scratch

Sometimes, achieving leadership in a market niche means creating both the company and the niche. The multi-brand car damage repair chain Werksta was founded with that exact goal in mind.

”What I found most exciting when I was asked to join Werksta, was that Procuritas, a PE company, was starting a business from scratch,“ says Catherine Sahlgren, CEO at Werksta. “Since inception, we have grown rapidly and now we are the clear forerunner in the industry, thanks to our talented employees and great support from Procuritas. Not to mention the fact that building the company culture from zero has been both fun and challenging,”

Werksta was established in June 2015 as a joint effort between car repair entrepreneurs and Procuritas. Today, in 2021, the company has about 75 workshops and 800 employees in Sweden, Finland and Norway. In Finland, the group operates under the Autoklinikka brand.

“Procuritas has clear intentions as an owner, which makes it easy for me and my management team to set goals. They identified this market five years ago, set out to consolidate it, and created the leading chain of independent car damage repair workshops. There is no ambiguity about what we are going to achieve. And thanks to Procuritas, we are not hampered by a lack of capital to implement our plans going forward,” says Sahlgren.

“What sets Procuritas apart is how easy they are to deal with. It’s no-nonsense, straight-shooting, from start to finish.”

Werksta’s vision is to create a leading Nordic car collision repair chain, and to become the preferred partner to insurance companies, fleet owners and end consumers.

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Catherine Sahlgren, CEO of Werksta

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